Alternate Title: This Little Piggy
1995 Nominee

When Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell) guesses the weight of a small pig at the County Fair, he gets to take the pig home. Little does he know that the new addition to the farm will cause quite a stir.
Young Babe befriends the dogs on the farm and soon learns the ways of a sheep dog. The sheep respond well to Babe’s gentle coaxing and Babe takes pride in his job. It doesn’t take long before Farmer Hoggett discovers the pig’s unusual talent and decides to enter Babe in a sheep dog contest. However, there might be other animals on the farm with darker things in mind for the little ham.

Babe is a sweet movie, although it takes a while to get to the main story about the sheep dog competition. This is prefaced with several vignettes about Babe getting used to life on the farm – whether he’s acting as accomplice to a duck that wishes he was a rooster, trying not to upset the cat, or learning the hard truth about the origins of pork.
There are funny mice that narrate each “chapter’s” title and a whole wild mess of other animal friends to meet along the way. The voice acting is hilarious and the tale is certainly more upbeat than average Academy fare.
An unlikely candidate for Best Picture, Babe is fresh and family-friendly. You could say that this movie really brings home the bacon.

Now it’s Your Turn…
Babe was nominated for Best Picture in 1995, but did the Academy get it right?

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